Tuesday, 1 March 2011

me smash! me break!

I've been thinking about testing to make sure the bits that work actually work the way they should, testing the overall design, rather than just taking the 'me smash! me break!' testing approach.

In my experience, more testing and questioning of the spec before we get started vastly reduces the number of 'oh, we didn't think that bit through' occurences later on.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy as a tester to get in on the action at the spec stage, and we are often considered as an annoyance rather than a vital part of the team when we try to get involved. There are vague discussions about the spec, but nothing concrete, nothing written down, and then suddenly the software engineers have started coding, and yeah, the spec will be along in a bit.

So if anyone has any ideas about how to get in there sooner, and to be taken seriously at the concept stage, I would love some advice.